Elephants, Beagles, and now Adventure!

Our first product is a beautiful reproduction of a vintage Elephant Memory Systems sticker. Die cut, about 4 inches square. $5 each plus $1 shipping per order.

Our second product is a beautiful reproduction of a vintage Beagle Bros Software sticker. Die cut, about 5 inches square. Also $5 each plus $1 shipping per order. (Thanks to Brian Wiser at the Call-A.P.P.L.E. Apple II user group for the lovely art!)

Our third product is the gorgeous Adventure International Logo — the company founded in 1979 by Scott and Alexis Adams, best known for the Scott Adams text adventure games. Die cut, 6 inches long by about 2 inches high. $5 each plus $1 shipping per order. (Also! Scott Adams is making a new version of Adventureland! Support its creation here.)

Our newest and weirdest sticker is the NROL-39 logo, created by the United States Government and released via the Freedom of Information Act. This is the real logo of the NROL-39 reconnaissance satellite, launched in 2013. The logo, an enormous octopus wrapping its tentacles around the globe, “was criticized as ‘tone-deaf’ to the political climate caused by the 2013 surveillance disclosures.” (Read all about it on Wikipedia.) The sticker is a 5 inch circle (about the size of a CD-ROM.) $5 each plus $1 shipping per order.

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All stickers are shipped via USPS first class mail to just about any country.

Problems, questions, concerns? Want a different amount of stickers? Email stickers at savetz dot com, or better yet, hit me up on on twitter.

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